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Industrial IoT Architects & Engineers; Architecting Secure, Robust, and Scalable Industrial IoT Solutions with AWS by. Joey Bernal and Bharath Sridhar equips you with the knowledge and tools to design and implement secure, robust, and scalable. IIoT solutions using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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Go beyond simple connections and unlock the full potential of Industrial. IoT (IIoT) with this practical guide.

Industrial IoT Architects & Engineers

Industrial IoT Architects & Engineers Product Description:

Go beyond simply connecting devices. “Industrial IoT for Architects and Engineers” equips you with the knowledge and skills. Certainly this product helps you to design and build robust, secure, and scalable Industrial IoT solutions using AWS. Albeit this comprehensive guide follows the data journey, from sensors on the shop floor to actionable insights in the boardroom.

Book Description: of Industrial IoT Architects & Engineers

Above all Building secure and scalable IIoT solutions can be a complex undertaking. Accordingly, this book takes you on a comprehensive journey, starting with understanding your specific needs and data requirements. Surely You’ll learn industry best practices and industry-standard protocols for seamless data integration, and explore the crucial role of digital transformation in IIoT projects.

In addition Delve into the world of operational technology (OT) and discover how to integrate with common industrial protocols for efficient data gathering and analysis. The book equips you with the essentials of designing IIoT architectures, covering edge intelligence, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI) for overcoming architectural challenges.

By the end of this book, you’ll be able to:

  • Firstly Implement best practices and industry standards for IIoT.
  • Secondly Confidently navigate the world of edge computing.
  • Thirdly Design and build secure and scalable IIoT solution architectures from scratch.
  • Fourthly Leverage AWS as the foundation of your IIoT solution platform.
  • Fifthly Harness the power of advanced analytics and ML to extract valuable insights from your data.
  • Finally Deploy edge processing for real-time response to events within your environment.

Who Industrial IoT Architects & Engineers is for:

Above all this book is ideal for architects, engineers, developers, and technical professionals seeking to build and manage edge and cloud-based IIoT ecosystems. Indeed it goes with a focus on industry-specific solutions. In short a solid understanding of core IoT technologies is recommended, but even those new to hands-on implementation will find the use cases valuable for understanding the decision-making process behind successful IIoT architectures.

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Dive deeper with Industrial IoT Architects & Engineers into:

  • Operational technology (OT) integration. Firstly you’ll Learn common industrial protocols for data gathering and analysis.
  • Edge computing. Secondly Gain insights into getting started and its advantages.
  • IoT solution architecture. Thirdly Build secure and scalable architectures from scratch.
  • AWS expertise. Fourthly Leverage the power and flexibility of AWS as your core platform.
  • Advanced analytics and machine learning. Fifthly Extract valuable insights from your data.
  • Real-time edge processing. Finally React quickly to events within your environment.

Who this book is for:

  • Firstly for Architects
  • Secondly for Engineers
  • Thirdly for Developers
  • Fourthly for Technical professionals
  • Lastly but not least for anyone interested in building edge and cloud-based Industrial IoT solutions

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