Pass the Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect Exam with this Comprehensive Guide (2nd Edition)

Google Cloud Architect Professional as GCAP

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Google Cloud Architect Professional
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Key features of GCPC

  • Master Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and become a certified GCP architect
  • Learn to plan, design, and secure cloud solutions on GCP
  • Cover all exam objectives with up-to-date content and practice tests

GCPC Product Description:

Are you an IT professional looking to advance your career in cloud computing? Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a leading cloud platform that offers a wide range of services to help businesses improve their infrastructure and scalability. This comprehensive guide is designed to help you pass the GCPC Architect exam and become a certified GCP architect.

What is covered by this book

Revised for the latest exam, this book covers everything you need to know about GCP, including:

  • Firstly Core GCP services such as compute, storage, and networking
  • Secondly Security and reliability best practices for cloud solutions
  • Thirdly Design and implementation of cloud architecture
  • Fourthly New topics such as Cloud Run, Anthos, Data Fusion, Composer, and Data Catalog

Benefits OF GCPC Book

By the end of this book, you will be able to:

  • Firstly Understand the benefits of being a Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect
  • Secondly Enroll for the Professional Cloud Architect exam
  • Thirdly Master the core concepts of GCP
  • Fourthly Design, secure, and manage cloud solutions on GCP
  • Finally Pass the Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect Exam

Who this book is for:

  • Firstly for Cloud architects
  • Secondly Cloud engineers
  • thirdly IT professionals
  • Lastly but not least Anyone looking to learn GCP and become a certified GCP architect

This book assumes basic knowledge of server infrastructure, including Linux and Windows Servers. A solid understanding of network and storage will also be helpful.

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